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tungsten carbide bush

tungsten carbide bush
Product name : tungsten carbide bush
Item : ISP TC bush
Price : USD$0.5
Details :
tungsten carbide bush

 1.Professional manufacturer for tungsten carbide items with more than 10 years experience


2.ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control System


3.OEM, ODM project accepted


4.All payment terms supported


5.density:18.3-19.2g /cm3

6.surface roughness < 3.2μm



7.Made 2450 °C high temperature vessels, used to rare earth metal smelting, the sapphire crystal growth furnace, rare earth smelting containers, quartz glass even the melting pot

Due to tungsten carbide's special physical properties, it has a very wide application, especially for wear parts. Tungsten productscan sustain with high temperatures, abrasion and corrosion, so it is suited for wear parts and many machine parts and dies that obeys tough working environment. Today as we all known a very high percentage of tungsten total quantity in cemented carbide today is applied in wear parts. The extensive range of products covers from small balls for ball-point pens to big and heavy products, like hot rolls for rolling mills, punches or dies.

 Tungsten boat is a special kind of boat which is widely applied in metallizing, sintering, annealing in reducing atmosphere in electronics and light industries.As a special and effective boat vessel, which are widely used in metal evaporation, electron beam splash, and the heat process with sintering and annealing in vacuum coating industries. It is produced by our special production line and the quality is stable.

 The majority material for cemented carbide wear parts and carbide mining tools are tungsten carbide cobalt(WC-Co) without other carbides. The grain size of tungsten carbide hardmetals specially fine and ultrafine grained is getting more important in the area of wear parts,carbide tools for cutting,tools for cast iron,chipless forming and non ferrous alloys and wood.
 Application: Pilot, valve orifice, pulse module, pressure pulse tool, spacer.

Mechanical seal ring or sleeve is one of biggest important wear parts in tungsten carbide products.
We produce various types of tungsten carbide mechanical seal rings like Plain Ring, T-shape, L-shape, DA type,face seal rings and per clients requests.
We have very rich experience in producing mechanical seal rings and metal parts with tight tolerances. The biggest outer diameter of the ring we can make it into 430mm.
We are an ISO certified carbide supplier,and expert in producing OEM parts with excellent quality according to your specific needs.Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings are used as Seal faces in pump and seal, Compressors and Agitators. It is often applied in Oil Refineries, Fertilizer Plants,Petrochemical plants,Pharmaceutical/Drugs industries.
Tungsten Carbide Rings are usually made with Cobalt (Co) as binder material. Nickel(Ni) Bonded Rings are also supplied.

We provide our clients with high quality Tungsten Carbide roll rings and composite rolls for rolling wire rods and merchant bars.
The superior wear resistance characteristics of TC roll rings provide you the highest pass performance in addition to the very good surface finish.
Tungsten carbide roll rings are the standard application in high speed wire rod finishing block and is getting more popular in some other hot and cold forming applications.  

Customized tungsten carbide wear parts for our customers like tungsten carbide bullets,carbide strips,carbide plates,carbide saw blades and with tungsten carbide grinding jars. 

Tungsten carbide block is a carbide product with a kind of regular shape like square, rectangular and so on.   

Tungsten carbide material has good conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance and high density of 16 g/cm3 to 18.5 g/cm3.Cemented carbide also has verty good mechanical strength, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, large expansion coefficient and elastic coefficient.   

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